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Cartoon Games > Simpsons Games > Simpsons Home Interactive
File Info:
Title: Simpsons Home Interactive
Description: Simpsons Home Interactive
Played: 10,513
Added: 7 April 2008
Added By: cartoon
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The Simpsomaker
The Simpsomaker
Click the yellow arrows to design your very own Simpsons character.
Simpsons Millionaire
Simpsons Millionaire
Try to answer as many Simpsons trivia questions successively as possible and try to get the million! The multiple choice ambiance is based on a popular game show. Well theres only one strategy in this game. You must have had at least a bit of background watching The Simpsons tv show. Check out how much you know about the animated tv show we all loved.
Simpsons Magic Ball
Simpsons Magic Ball
Magic ball is a classic game of memory and skill. First, watch the sequence of pictures Simpsons family played in the big ball. Next, repeat the sequence on the small balls. Make 3 wrong guesses in one round and lose the game. Your total score equals the number of correct guesses minus the total number of mistakes.
Simpsons Spingfield
Simpsons Spingfield
Simpsons Spingfield is a very funny simpson shooting game. To play this game you use your mouse to aim and shoot as several simpson as possible. Good luck.
Simpsons Snow Fight
Simpsons Snow Fight
In Simpsons Games Snow Fight use your mouse to aim and throw the snowballs. Use Right and Left arrow keys to dodge the snowballs from Nelson's. In Simpsons games Snowman Homer will appear from time to time. Hit him for more ammo!